Hannah’s Hill Vineyard 

Experimental Grapes

​Grenache Blanc
Grenache Blanc produces rich, full wines with bright flavors and crisp acidity. Grenache Blanc is drought-resistant, vigorous, and ripens fairly early in the cycle.

Grenache Noir
Grenache produces wines with high concentrations of fruit, tannin, and acids. Its flavors are most typically currant, cherry, and raisin, and its aromas are of black pepper. A later budding vine that produces grapes that provides a hearty intense fruit flavor.


Tempranillo is a grape grown on the Iberian Peninsula since the time of Phoenician settlements.  It widely grown in Spain and known to make a full bodied red wine. Its name is the diminutive of the Spanish word temprano ("early") a reference to the fact that it ripens several weeks earlier than most Spanish red grapes.

A native of France this varietal takes its name from “roux”, the French word for “russet” – This describes the grapes’ reddish gold skins at harvest. Wines made from Roussanne are rich and complex, with distinct honey, floral and apricot flavors.

A native of Germany, Riesling is able to maintain its acids in warmer climates. This allows the grapes to reach a ripeness almost never achieved in Germany. This balance of ripe, developed fruit, coupled with acidity creates extraordinary wines.

Durif /Petite Sirah

Developed in the 1870's in France's Rhone region where it is known as Durif or Petite Sirah, this grape variety is more commonly known in the United States as Petite Sirah.  A French nurseryman, Dr. Francois Durif, propagated the grape trying for a variety that would be resistant to powdery mildew and named it after himself.   Characteristically, these wines have dense blackberry fruit character, mixed with black pepper notes.  Its small berries allow Petite Sirah to produce wines with high tannin levels, surprisingly high acidity, and does well in drier climates.  Starting in the 1880's, some of the original Durif vines were confused for a clone of Syrah and subsequently became named Petite Sirah.  Today, winemakers are going back to its original name - Durif.  

Currently in Production


Fermented either sweet or dry, Malvasia Bianca offers delightful aromas and flavors of honey and ripe Bosc pears with hints of allspice. Round, lushly fruity flavors and a plush texture lead to a finish that is determined by the degree of residual sugar. The lightest versions offer a clean, crisp finish, while those aged in small barrels may display light tannins and a hint of vanilla. Sweeter, more opulent versions linger on the palate. This grapes produces wines ranging from lightweight to full-flavored, dry to sweet, low to high alcohol. It is sometimes made as a sparkling wine. 

Originally from the hottest regions of Spain, it was brought to France during the Middles Ages. Wines made from Mourvèdre are intensely colored, rich and velvety. They tend to be high in alcohol and tannin when young, and are well-suited to aging.​

Wine Varietals

Grapes of Hannah's Hill

​All the grapes grown at Hannah's Hill Vineyard originate from the NovaVine nursery