A philosophy of holistic management  and minimal input of organic or low - toxicity herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers minimizes disruption to the flora and fauna.  
Quail, Owls, Hawks, Turkey Vultures, Rabbits, Mice and Snakes inhabit the vineyard.  In the grasslands outside the vineyard fence we have cattle, deer, javelina, Sonoran antelope and coyotes flourish. 
HANNAH’S HILL VINEYARD IS a responsible member of the community in the broadest sense

Friends, Neighbors and family contribute significantly to the growth, operation and success of Hannah’s Hill. 

Hannah’s Hill Vineyard 


Local Sustainable Participative 

Grapes at HANNAH’S HILL VINEYARD are grown and produced in Arizona within a day’s

drive of your dinner table.  They are sold to you directly by the people who produced them.

For more information about our Vineyard and where our grapes come from, click here.